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Our Services

Green Valley Gardening provides you with the Lanscaping services you need on a budget and on time.

The following we provide:


*Sod installation or reinstallation or seeding.       


   * Landscape maintenance services by maintaining properties looking green and spiffy( residential or commercial ).


*Irrigation Systems including timers, drip irrigation, new valves, sprinkler upgrades, and much more.


   *Trimming small trees and shrubs.


*Planting small trees, plants, bushes, and flowers of all kind especially drought tolerant. 


Sod or Seed Installation

Green Valley Gardening provides services like laying down fresh green grass straight from reputable sod nurseries. We can also provide grass seed if that would be the choice to provide you with a green lawn. If your lawn looks like a dry mess give us a call will make it look green !


Irrigation & Sprinkler Systems

We install sprinkler systems and give advice considering what water system install better suites your property. We have also been specializing in smart water saving system installations including drip systems and moisture sensing automated sprinker timers. All are installed with the utmost quality to ensure that our customers save money.

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